May grants to be paid from the 4th

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) notifies all social grant recipients of critical changes which have been made to the payment schedule for May 2023.

Money will be available in the social grant recipient’s bank accounts as follows:

Older persons: 04 May
Disability Grants: 05 May
Children’s grants: 08 May

Beneficiaries are advised to consider using their cards to buy goods or related commodities rather than complete withdrawal of funds. Furthermore social grant recipients are requested to be patient and not rush to withdraw their money from their accounts, as their money will remain available in their accounts until they are ready to withdraw. Clients who are unable to go and withdraw their funds on the first few days of payment should also not worry or attempt to rush to withdraw.

This change will only be applicable in May 2023. In case there are any changes on the payment schedule, SASSA will communicate in due course.

SASSA apologises profusely for the inconvenience and frustration that this change will cause to all grant recipients.

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