Soweto residents educated about the General Valuation Roll 2023

Today, the City of Johannesburg officials educated Phiri, residents about the importance of General Valuation Roll (GVR) 2023

On 15 February, the City officially opened its General Valuation Roll 2023 and the objection period for public inspection.

From 15 February to 31 March, residents were invited to view, inspect and/or object to their new property values online.

Where to access the General Valuation Roll 2023?

The City launched the new GVR 2023 Online System from 15 February. The system allows property owners to register their profiles, to inspect the Valuation Roll, check their property details, upload documents and/or object against any entries that appear in the Valuation Roll.

City has made it easy for property owners to be able to view, inspect and/or object against the new property values from the comfort of their homes using the Online System. The GVR2023 will also be made available for inspection at about 13 public inspection venues across the City.

City officials will be available at these venues to assist customers who wish to inspect the valuation roll or submit an objection. Legislation allows any person to lodge an objection against the valuation of any property on the valuation roll if they believe that the valuation is incorrect.

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