Bheki Mlangeni Hospital, performs its first successful heart surgery

On Thursday, 27 April 2023, Bheki Mlangeni District Hospital (BMDH) made history by performing its first heart surgery

This comes after a brave Grade 12 learner, Tumisang Motsikwa (20) sustained a stab to the heart and had to be rushed to the district hospital by his school’s deputy principal.

Tumisang who was badly hurt while saving a fellow female pupil from being mugged outside the school premises, was given a new lease at life after undergoing a heart surgery.

On arrival at the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Unit, Tumisang was in a critical and very unstable condition, with his blood pressure very low and bleeding on the chest and where the heart is located. The head of Accident and Emergency, Dr Sashriqua Palliam and her team of nurses and doctors including Dr Ismail Ebrahim immediately resuscitated him while calling the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital (CHBAH) to receive the patient as he was a Priority 1.

Due to his critical and very unstable condition, the CHBAH advised that Tumisang be retained at BMDH as he had a high risk injury and was too unstable for transfer.  This then prompted BMDH team to operate on him as an emergency. The median sternotomy operation lasted for just over an hour, removing blood clots and suturing the heart muscle.

Tumisang was kept in the ICU for 3 days and then released to the surgical ward before finally being discharged home on Friday, 5 May.  The Department of Health, commend the Bheki Mlangeni, team for the sterling work they did and for rising to the occasion. This just goes to demonstrate that with a conducive environment the team is capable of doing so much more.

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