Police officer robbed at gunpoint after suspects place concrete slabs on the N12

On Saturday, 6 May, at approximately 23h25 on N12W, 3 vehicles were damaged by concrete slabs placed by criminals who intended to rob motorists heading towards Lenasia.

These incidents took place several 100 meters before the Pedestrian bridge (walkover bridge) where several motorists drove over the concrete slabs damaging their tyres/rims, 2 motorists continued to drive while 1 stopped.

Lethal Forces Security were notified through a message from one of the motorists. On arrival, they found a motorist, an off duty police officer who was robbed by 3 bravo males at gunpoint. The suspects took his car keys, wallet, cellphone, trousers and shoes.

When Lethal Forces and Eldorado Park SAPS got to the scene, all that was left of the concrete slabs were broken pieces of concrete on the road. Part of the slabs was found alongside the road.

The suspects’ modus operandi is that one or more perpetrators throw rocks at passing vehicles or place them on the highway while accomplices hide under the bridge or in the nearby bushes waiting for motorists to stop to examine the damage. They then approach and rob the motorists also targeting those who park on the side of the highway.

Should you be a victim, do not stop immediately to examine damages to your vehicle. Do not park on the side of the highway unnecessarily. It remains the responsibility of the victim to report such incidents to SAPS.

Please be careful and vigilant on the road. Report any suspicious activity to 10111 or JMPD on +27 11 375 5911 or GTP on +27 11 689 3712 or +27 11 689 3833.

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