Everything you need to know about Mai Mai market #ExploreJoburg

Mai Mai is a phrase that was once used to scare children in black townships and if we didn’t explore Joburg we would still be stuck with the idea that mai mai is this scary man who drives around in a hearse and kidnaps children

Thanks to #ExploreJoburg we now have a different meaning to the mai mai phrase, in Jozi mai mai is a name of one of the coolest markets in South Africa.The Kwa Mai Mai market is situated in Joburg CBD, mind you it is the oldest traditional market in the city.

So if you are into traditional attires, food, medicine, you name it then the Mai Mai market is specially made for you. Every trader who trades at the market has their own signature to their products which makes it even more unique, just by looking at the products you can tell that it was made from the hands of a very passionate and creative person.

The hand crafted products include unisex traditional shoes that cost as little as R250, they are funky in a more traditional way. They are the traditional version of your most expensive shoe brand. You will also find furniture, coffins and renovation services at the market, there is no need to worry about fetching imphepho from your gogo who lives far away, and you’ll buy it in bulk at a lower rate Kwa Mai Mai.

The City of Joburg is not only about the glitz and glamour, we appreciate and value the traditional side of Joburg that is why our digital ninjas invaded the market, to learn and get their own fair feel of the traditional side of Joburg. The ninjas were so mesmerised to a point where they didn’t want to leave, the beauty and the creativity they witnessed melted their hearts.

Be like the ninjas and explore every corner of the city, you too, like our, digital ninjas might find something that makes your heart skip a beat. Go get your traditional experience at the market it opens from 9am-6pm on weekdays and 9am-2pm on Saturdays. Also follow the #ExploreJoburg to find out more about the ninjas discoveries at the Kwa Mai Mai market.

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