Unauthorised liquor establishment closed in Zakariyya Park

​​Swift action taken by authorities in Region G has seen the immediate closure of a non-compliant tavern nestled within the Zakariyya Park residential area on 10 May, sending an unequivocal message to potential transgressors. 

A coordinated raid led by Citizen Relationship and Urban Management (CRUM) Region G, the Department of Development Planning, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD), the South African Police Service (SAPS), and the local sheriff of the court resulted in the immediate closure of the establishment. 

The joint operation also saw the confiscation of an array of alcoholic beverages, crates, chairs, and other furniture, effectively severing the lifeline of the unlawful enterprise south of Johannesburg. Three large-scale fridges, presumably used for the storage and distribution of the contraband, were also confiscated, underscoring the magnitude of the illegal activities conducted at the unauthorised liquor establishment. 

Mickey Padayachee, the Regional Director in Region G, says the tavern’s reckless operations were in direct violation of municipal bylaws.The liquor establishment, which had been operating clandestinely with a carefree attitude, has been causing great angst among law-abiding residents of Zakariyya Park.

 Expressing concern over the tavern’s blatant disregard for the law, Padayachee says the City will not hesitate to take decisive action against any flagrant violation of municipal regulations. 

“We cannot allow such disruptive establishments to operate in a residential area where peace should be nurtured. Our priority is to ensure the safety of residents in Region G,” said Padayachee. Although no arrests were made, Padayachee says the closure of the tavern serves as a stern warning against those who flout the law.

“The closure of the tavern serves as a clear warning to other establishments that may be operating unlawfully in the region. The City will crack down on any unlawful activity to ensure residents are not subjected to unnecessary risks,” he warns. 

Padayachee says the City will not hesitate to take swift action in the interest of public safety, adding that authorities will keep a watchful eye in the region to create a safe and healthy environment for all.He attributed the success of the raid to meticulous planning and coordination among multidisciplinary state agencies.

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