City Power apologises to customers affected by outage at the Orlando Switching Station

The Orlando 88kv lines have been isolated due to a fault which caused fire on the Soweto local feeder board in the early hours of this morning.

“Initial investigations suggests that this was due to acts of theft and vandalism where the batteries and links were stolen at the station resulting in feeder jumpers being destroyed and taking the whole station down. We have dispatched a team which is currently onsite working on assessing the extent of the damage and work on repairing the infrastructure and replacing stolen batteries,” said City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena.

The outage has also disrupted Rand Water Board operations in Eikenhof as there is no power supply to the City Power substation there.

“The damage is extensive however we are working on restoring power. This outage affects major substations including Nirvana, Eikenhof, Nancefield, Pennyville, Eldorado Park and Soweto,” Mangena added.

The entity reiterated that this is not loadshedding and apologises again for the inconvenience caused, it will update customers on progress in later updates.

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