Nhlanhla Tshabalala Foundation empowers Soweto’s previously disadvantaged youth

Radio personality, Nhlanhla Tshabalala (34) from Pimville, Soweto is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about community development, he founded Nhlanhla Tshabalala Foundation (NTF) in 2016 to empower the youth.

NTF is a registered NPO aiming to empower previously disadvantaged children and youth in the community.

“Our vision is to ensure that all children become authentic future leaders. Our mission is to discover, nurture and groom future leaders through education, arts and sports and health promotion. We have various initiatives that deal with the diverse socio-economic challenges that children and youth face on a daily basis,” said Tshabalala.

The Foundation strives to create self sufficient individuals who take the initiative in making positive change and in creating jobs for others.

NTF has annual initiatives that guide the organisation, these include:

  • BackToSchool – ensuring that all children go to school with the necessary school essentials from uniform, stationery and mental wellbeing.
  • Literacy programs – they are very big in ensuring that children know how to read and write from foundation phase, with the view of promoting mother tounge languages as a ladder for them to understand and read and write English.
  • Soweto Spelling Bee Competition – this also forms part of their literacy promotion and culture, where primary schools compete in a spelling competition to see who wins the crowns.-
  • Warm4winter Campaign – this campaign is focused more on the elderly in their communities, NTF donates blankets, hotwater bottles and more as a safer measure to keep them warm especially those that live in shacks.
  • Sports Wellness fun day – this initiative is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle to Children and introducing different sporting codes to curb the inequalities.

Tshabalala added: “We host an edutainment tournament, giving children a glimpse of hope to what can be achieved outside the classroom and reducing the risk of substance abuse. Leadership Camps – this is our core focus for secondary schools in townships and rural areas with the aim to transfer skills from different industries, helping young leaders to choose a career that is fit and aligned with them. Thus is more of a practical, interactive career guidance opportunity. Some of the challenges we face, especially after the pandemic, still has to be shortage of premises to execute our programs, transportation, redtapes, meeting the right mentors and volunteers and overally, teaching our communities about the importance of Ubuntu.”

“Being 5 years registered is a great achievement as many other NPO’s give up when things get tough, we have managed to donate reading books to over 40 primary schools around Soweto. We have hosted a matric dance for a local high schools that had not had a matric dance in 10 years. We are always open to collaborations with individuals, other NPOs and companies who are driven by making a positive and impactful change in our communities, especially for children and youth,”Tshabalala concluded.

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