Theatre lovers in for a thrilling Saturday at the Palace

Prepare to immerse yourself in the powerful satire that vividly portrays the harsh reality of racism combined with mesmerising choreography in the iconic, multi-award-winning South African play “Saturday Night at the Palace”. 

The highly anticipated production, making its return 41 years after its explosive debut during apartheid in 1982, promises to captivate theatre aficionados with an unforgettable experience on the Lesedi Stage at the Joburg Theatre from Friday, 28 July until Monday, 28 August.

Spearheaded by the award-winning director Albert Maritz and written by Paul Slabolepszy, one of the most renowned playwrights, the magnificent play delves into the ugly impact of institutionalised racism during the height of apartheid, narrating the stories of two working-class white men and a black waiter.

The play deftly weaves delightful comic banter, only to swiftly transition to the shocking reality of the unfolding events. Joburg Theatre Artistic Director James Ngcobo says reviving this stage production aims to inspire the need for insight, change, and meaningful conversations.

“By celebrating a voice that has inspired and mentored the next generation of storytellers over the years, ‘Saturday Night at the Palace’ remains a powerful and relevant human story even today,” Ngcobo says.

The cast, including the talented actors Hamilton Dhlamini, Francios Jacobs, and Charlie Boguenon, have poured their hearts into rehearsals, preparing to deliver the ultimate performance of a lifetime. Xoliswa Nduneni-Ngema, CEO of Joburg City Theatres, expresses excitement over the dedication and efforts invested in rehearsals, anticipating that the cast will have the entire audience on their feet.

“Saturday Night at the Palace is a perfect play for audiences of all ages, appealing to those who watched it during its initial run and newcomers to the theatre scene alike,” says Nduneni-Ngema. She adds that live performance enthusiasts must prepare themselves for an outstanding experience as this iconic play graces the stage at Lesedi Theatre. 

In the past, ‘Saturday Night at the Palace’ achieved phenomenal local and international acclaim, with sold-out shows across the country in 1983. It also travelled to Ireland and the Gutenberg Festival in Sweden before a six-week season at London’s Old Vic Theatre.

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