MMC Makhafola promises to improve social workers’ working conditions

The Member of the Mayoral Committee for Health and Social Development in the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Ennie Makhafola, recently held a Social Workers’ Imbizo. 

During the imbizo, she addressed various issues and concerns experienced by the City’s social workers in all the seven regions of the City. The imbizo took place at the Diepkloof Welfare Centre in Soweto.

Among issues of concern were the upscaling of salaries, internet connection, name tags, employment equity targets on recruitment, skills audit and training, capacitation and empowerment or development of the staff.  

Cllr Makhafola said it was not fair that people who have been in the city’s employ for a number of years with necessary experienced don’t get opportunities to get to higher levels but someone from Tshwane or any other municipality gets appointed to do the job. 

“There time has come for us to change the way we run the health system in all our communities. I am delighted that we are one step further to reaching that goal,” said Cllr Makhafola.

She assured social workers that R3.1 million has been set aside for them to get tools of trade like laptops, cellphones and other necessities to perform their duties optimally. 

“By next week, procurement of about one hundred laptops will be done, that is a commitment to you,” she promised.

On working conditions issue, she promised to look at their accommodation space where confidentiality can be ensured and respected as they render their services.

MMC Makhafola held similar imbizos with the nurses earlier to listen to their concerns and promised to address them. This culminated, among others, with the handing over of laptops to nurses at various City clinics as Joburg gears up for e-Health service for residents.

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