Speaker of Council Colleen Makhubele, touches residents’ lives during outreach

​The Speaker of Council in the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Colleen Makhubele, visited Amakhosikazi Amahle home, which is an organisation in Alexandra that looks after physically challenged children and adults.

She was touched by the amazing work by selfless residents of the City through volunteerism and love for the vulnerable.

Cllr Makhubele partnered with Shosholoza Finance Charity to donate groceries, sanitary pads, blankets and medical equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches to Amakhosikazi Amahle home.

The home aims to teach 50 physically and mentally challenged children and adult skills such as sewing, painting and beadwork.

“This is our city and it is our responsibility to look after our children and the vulnerable. Joburg is a caring city. This means we have to look after the vulnerable. We appreciate the brave women who run this organisation,” said Cllr Makhubele. 

The spirit of giving further extended to Eldorado Park where Cllr Makhubele and Shosholoza Finance Charity donated a number of toys, food and clothes to the No More Victims shelter for homeless and abused children. The shelter is home to at least 49 children.

 “I am proud of the bravery of the founders of this organisation. This shows us we each have a responsibility towards one another as residents of Johannesburg,” Cllr Makhubele said.

Liesel Valloo, the founder of No More Victims, said her organisation was faced with challenges of funding and support from government agencies. “There was a point when I wanted to stop and close the shelter due to lack of support and funding. Children are dropped here sometimes at midnight, other times we get calls to pick up dumped children from the local police station,” said Valloo.

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