20 people displaced after 8 shacks catch fire in Diepsloot

The City of Johannesburg Emergency Management Services Firefighters responded to a multiple shacks on fire reported this morning at around 10.30am in Diepsloot Ext 1.

About 8 shacks were affected by the fire incident which left about 20 people displaced,no further injuries or fatalities were reported and the cause of the fire incident is still a subject of investigations.

Disaster Management Officials have been activated to start assisting the affected families and our Fire Safety Unit will also be conducting preliminary investigations to determine what might be the cause of this fire incident.

Residents are encouraged to continue to look after any heating devices which might cause fires at home not to leave them unattended to prevent fire incident like this one.

For life threatening emergencies residents are urged to call our Emergency Call Centre on 011 375 5911

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