Gauteng police continue to recover firearms that are in the hands of illegal miners

The police in Gauteng, together with private security officers, arrested four suspected illegal miners in Primrose, Germiston, after they were found with a rifle, ammunition and gold bearing soil on Wednesday, 9 August.

As part of an ongoing operation by the Gauteng Police and private security companies to disrupt and dismantle illegal mining in the province, crime intelligence received information about illegal miners who are in possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition around the Primrose area.

The information was operationalised by a team comprising of Ekurhuleni District Crime Intelligence, Tactical Task Team, Trio Task Team, Bad Boys Security, and Blue Hawk Tactical. The area where illegal mining is taking place was approached tactically, and the team noticed an individual busy on his phone and with a rifle on his lap.

The man and three other suspected illegal miners were also found with gold bearing soil and they were arrested. Further investigation revealed that the armed suspect is charging the illegal miners to operate in Primrose and to get access to the mining area.

The disrupting and dismantling of illegal mining and the recovery of unlicensed firearms is continuing in Gauteng.

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