Revamped Mayibuye clinic enhances primary healthcare

Mayibuye clinic, following a comprehensive renovation, has emerged as a vital healthcare hub in Joburg’s Region A, attending to the medical needs of more than 500 patients on a daily basis. This rejuvenated establishment aligns with the City’s proactive approach to ensure convenient access to primary healthcare services for its residents.

Kgadi Dinah Dihangoane, an esteemed professional nurse stationed at the health facility in Ivory Park, underscores the significant improvements brought about by the refurbished Mayibuye clinic in terms of enhancing the quality of primary healthcare provided.

Dihangoane emphasises that the clinic’s reception area has been substantially expanded, affording greater space to accommodate a larger number of visitors. This expansion notably streamlines the process of patient screening and prompt allocation to the appropriate medical units.

“While additional consulting rooms would have been ideal, we have received assurances of their incorporation in the upcoming fiscal year. Today, the clinic is bustling with children, underscoring the importance of the expanded immunisation programme (EPI), which spans from infancy to five years of age,” Dihangoane explains.

She points out that the daily responsibilities of the nursing staff encompass the care of approximately 90 children enrolled in the EPI programme. She personally attends to around 60 patients battling chronic illnesses.Catering to an extensive catchment area encompassing Mayibuye, Kanana, Klipfontein, and Phumulong, Sister Dihangoane emphasises the clinic’s commitment to not turning away any individuals seeking medical attention, irrespective of their origin.

Mxolisi Ndlovu, a patient who arrived at the clinic early in the morning, expressed contentment with the care he received. Yet, he voiced concern about the waiting time before receiving medical attention.

Ndlovu, who routinely visits the clinic bi-monthly for his chronic condition, lauds the quality of support he receives. However, he suggests that efforts could be directed towards optimising waiting times.

Nosipho Lamla, 62, a resident of Mayibuye, commends the clinic’s service quality while also highlighting the challenge of extended waiting times. She advocates for an increase in the number of consulting rooms as a viable solution to mitigate delays.

“Swift consultation and assessment before administering high blood pressure medication are imperative. The current shortage of consultation rooms leads to prolonged waiting periods. Addressing this concern would greatly enhance our experience,” she adds.

Another local resident, Victor Myathaza, visiting the clinic for high blood pressure treatment and medication collection, commends the comprehensive service provided. Myathaza lauds the courteousness exhibited by the clinic’s staff, extending from security personnel to the professional nursing team.

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