Road upgrades restore sense of pride in Diepsloot

​The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has successfully completed a transformative project that has not only upgraded road infrastructure and improved connectivity in Diepsloot Ext 5 and 6 but has also restored a sense of pride. 

Residents and motorists in Diepsloot, in the north of Johannesburg, are now experiencing the benefits of the completed gravel road upgrade as one of many projects that have been implemented in Region A to improve the quality of municipal roads.

The project commenced in 2021 and ended on 1 July 2022, with about R23.4 million allocated to address various challenges in Diepsloot, including upgrading gravel roads to resurfacing roads with asphalt, construction of side walkways, paving, underground storm water infrastructure, and associated works. 

Jeff Maluleke, the JRA Project Manager for the area, says the completion of this project reflects ongoing efforts to plan, design, construct, and maintain roads and road infrastructure. “These improvements are expected to make an impact on the lives of residents, providing them with better mobility, improved road safety, and enhanced access to essential services,” Maluleke says. 

Liberty Street, Orange Street, Hastings Ndlovu Street, and several others, amounting to 1.78 kilometres, were upgraded with asphalt surfaces, accompanied by the construction of 1.3 kilometres of stormwater infrastructure to prevent future flooding. 

The primary objective of the project was to enhance the quality of roadways within the community of Diepsloot, making them more accessible, safe, and liveable. Abraham Mabuke, Ward 113 Councillor, shares his appreciation for the completion of the roads upgrade and the impact it has had on the community: “I want to express my gratitude for the efforts put into upgrading our roads. These improvements have truly made a difference in the daily lives of Diepsloot residents.” He emphasises that residents can walk freely on the sidewalks without contesting for space with motor vehicles and this has significantly reduced the occurrence of accidents.

“This upgrade is a clear example of how changes in infrastructure can positively impact the community. The completion of this project has had a profound impact on service delivery in Johannesburg,” Cllr Mabuke says.

Community members have eagerly embraced the project’s completion, with many expressing their appreciation for the attention their neighbourhood is receiving.

The project also generated employment opportunities for local small businesses and Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) candidates, that address both economic and social challenges. 

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