Suspect intercepted for illegal possession of explosives

A 38-year-old foreign national was arrested in the early hours of this morning, for illegal possession of explosives by the members of the Hawks’ Tactical Operations Management Section on the N14 on ramp to Johannesburg.

It is reported that the team which included the Silverton K9 and Forensic Science Laboratory, received a tip-off that a certain individual was in a bus heading to Johannesburg from Zimbabwe with a consignment of explosives. The team immediately operationalised the information as the suspect was already in transit. 

The tip-off also indicated that the explosives were destined for drop-off at Bosman train station in Pretoria. When the team arrived, the bus was already leaving for Johannesburg.

They managed to tactically contain it on the N14 onramp to Johannesburg where the identified suspect was arrested and his luggage was searched wherein the explosives were discovered.

The suspect will be appearing in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 9 October, facing charges of illegal possession of explosives.

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