Five best morning exercises to melt your belly fat

Working out first thing in the morning offers multiple advantages, such as feeling energized at the beginning of the day, accompanied with a sense of accomplishment.

If you procrastinate your workout throughout the day, it is best to get it done first thing in the morning.

Here are five basic yet highly effective morning exercises to follow in your workout routine for torching that belly fat and transforming your physique.

In order to see results, it is important to not cancel out your workouts by eating junk or processed food throughout the day.

Make sure you consume healthy, home cooked food; stay hydrated and also get adequate rest for repair.

Bicycle crunches engage both the rectus abdominis and the obliques simultaneously.

Start by lying on your back with your hands behind your head.

Lift your legs off the ground.

Now bring your right elbow toward your left knee while extending the right leg out.

Quickly switch to the other side, bringing the left elbow toward the right knee this time.

Continue alternating sides in a pedaling motion.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps per side.

Source: TimesofIndia

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