Community Emergency Response teams get tools to fight fires

​​In celebration of fire protection month, the City of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management Services in collaboration with Gauteng EMS PIER hosted a workshop on Tuesday, 24 October, at Mathole Skills Centre in Matholesville, Roodepoort. 

It was part of an ongoing effort to equip Community Emergency Response teams with essential fire safety knowledge and skills to ensure local residents are prepared for fire emergencies. The workshop, attended by about 70 responders, provided them with fire safety kits, including buckets and solar lights to allow them to respond quickly to small fires during power outages and other emergencies.

Synock Matobako, the Divisional Chief at EMS, said fire are not seasonal and could happen at any time.It is crucial for community emergency responders to be equipped and well trained at all times to deal with unexpected dangers.

The distribution of the fire safety kits added a sense of empowerment and readiness as attendees held in their hands the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves and their community from fire hazards.

Nomsa Mthembu, a community emergency responder, expressed her gratitude for the City’s ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of its residents. She said through the initiative, she had gained knowledge and the necessary tools to make a real differenceZameka Mtliwa, another active member of the responders’ team, spoke about how as a community they often felt helpless during fire incidents. 

However, the training and resources provided had given them a renewed sense of confidence, making them ready to face any situation head on. Ntombizodwa Mokwena, a member of the Ward 127 committee, said she was thrilled to see EMS taking proactive steps to empower the community. 

She said this not only equipped the community with life-saving skills but also fostered a sense of unity and responsibility in their ward.Pearl Mokoena, a Community Educator from the Florida BESAFE Centre, Region C, facilitated the training sessions covering various aspects of fire safety, expressed her satisfaction with the community member’s participation.She said the community’s eagerness to learn was truly impressive.

She hoped the team is now prepared to put its newly acquired knowledge into practice, making their community more secure.“The achievements of the Community Emergency Response Team shows our commitment to proactive services and fire safety, with a focus on fire prevention, had been fulfilled,” Mokoena said.

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