World Cities Day: Joburg builds sustainable future

​World Cities Day is globally observed today on 31 October . In observance of World Cities Day 2023, the City of Johannesburg echoes the call of the United Nations’ Habitat Department to promote sustainable urban development. 

Member of Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Development Planning Cllr Eunice Mgcina shares a message emphasising the importance of building a sustainable future.

 “As the City of Johannesburg we join the World in observing Global Cities’ Day today and we are committed to the values that are espoused by the United Nations’ Habitat Department which call on all Cities around the World to look for mechanisms through which we can all create Cities that embody sustainable use of resources especially given the challenge of growing demands on the Cities which are fueled by rapid migration as more and more people move to the City for better opportunities,” says Cllr Mgcina.

She says under the theme “Financing sustainable urban future for all,” this year’s theme underscores the urgent need to unlock transformative investments in urban planning and achieve adequate fiscal decentralisation.

“And this is an area of development planning that the City of Johannesburg continues to grapple with as we seek to improve our built environments and ensure that all our existing and new capital projects meet the required protocols for sustainability to create a better future for all,” Cllr Mgcina adds.

The City has been making strides towards a sustainable future. Acknowledging the need to adapt to climate change, the City has developed a Climate Action Plan. Furthermore, the City is committed to its Growth and Development Strategy (GDS 2040).

Through the Department of Development Planning and its implementing agent the Johannesburg Development Agency has ensured that all new buildings in the City are energy efficient and that we put in place resilient infrastructure that is not harmful to the environment and adheres to the ideals of the GDS 2040 of creating a City that is resilient, live-able and sustainable.

Cllr Mgcina highlights the importance of community involvement in creating sustainable, liveable, and energy-efficient environments. She calls on residents to support the City’s efforts and encourage residents to report any incidents of illegal activities to law enforcement.

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