Husband arrested for murder in Thokoza

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) Community Liaison Unit (CLU) Officers, arrested a 38-year-old male suspect, for attempted murder, a charge which was later converted to murder, in the Thokoza area.

It is alleged that the suspect, received a call from his wife, who was at a pub around 15h00, notifying him that she was being assaulted by the now deceased male victim. The furious husband made his way to where his wife was and on arrival, he saw the culprit busy assaulting his wife.

When the offender noticed the energetic husband approaching, he made a move, while holding something resembling a firearm. The husband retaliated, by drawing his firearm and fired shots multiple times, before fleeing the scene.

The EMPD CLU members, were informed about the incident and the suspect, who was found in possession of a 9mm Girson firearm, with intact serial numbers and thirteen (13) live rounds, was apprehended and taken to the Thokoza police station. The detained suspect is charged with attempted murder.

However, the charge was later converted to murder, since the deceased died on his way to hospital. The wrongdoer will appear at the relevant Magistrate’s Court soon. The firearm used in commission of a crime, was also booked in at Thokoza police station and it will be taken for ballistic, to be tested.

(story credit: Arrive Alive)

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