Ke Kasi Yarona’s Rodent Control Crew sponsored with driving licenses

Alexandra’s Ke Kasi Yarona’s rodent control crew has been sponsored with driving licenses in an initiative that not only promises to expand their service provision but also to improve the team’s overall quality of life and skills development. 

Phumla Mnisi, Ke Kasi Yarona’s team leader, says the sponsorship enhances the effectiveness of the Region E pest control crew. “It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed partners, HWSETA & FLICK Pest Control, for graciously sponsoring our Rodent Control team to obtain their driving licenses. These partnerships have not only elevated our operations but have also contributed to our growth and ability to provide better services to our Region E community,” says Mnisi.

Alex’s pest control technicians often find themselves in unpredictable work environments, requiring them to travel to various locations at short notice to assess, treat, and manage pest infestations. 

Access to reliable transportation is essential for reasons encompassing rapid response, service coverage, equipment transportation, flexibility, and career advancement.

“Pest problems can escalate rapidly. With driving licenses, our team members can respond promptly to service requests, preventing infestations from spreading and causing further damage,” she explains.

Pest control often entails carrying specialised equipment and chemicals. A driving license equips technicians to transport their tools of the trade safely and efficiently. It also broadens the service area they can cover, ensuring that no customer is left unattended.

“Driving provides greater flexibility in scheduling appointments and coordinating service visits, accommodating the diverse needs of our clients,” Mnisi adds.

She says possessing a driver’s license opens doors to career advancement within the unit, enabling team members to take on more responsibilities and roles.

“Our commitment to empowering our Flick Pest Control-accredited pest control team led us to implement a comprehensive programme that provides financial assistance to cover the costs associated with acquiring a driver’s license, including training, exams, and licensing fees. We partner with reputable community-based driving schools to offer comprehensive training. This ensures that our team members not only obtain licenses but also develop safe and responsible driving skills,” she notes.

The City fosters a supportive work culture that values the development of this crucial skill, recognising its benefits for both the individual and the municipality.

“In pest control, efficiency and prompt action are paramount. For a dedicated pest control team, swift response times can make all the difference, preventing infestations from spiralling out of control. Many pest controllers have shown interest in pursuing roles within the pest control environment now that they possess their P number, which serves as an identity number for qualified pest control practitioners. By providing the means for our team members to acquire this essential skill, we are not only improving our pest control services but also investing in the growth and development of our valued workforce. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued success and contributions of our team members as they navigate their roles with newfound mobility and confidence,” Mnisi says.

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