Hardworking City officials praised at employee awards ceremony

The City of Johannesburg’s Region F Health Department, in collaboration with Anova Health and Metropolitan, held an annual award ceremony to celebrate its staff and clinics that are performing well at the Turffontein Racecourse recently.

According to Mathibe Monyamane, the purpose of the ceremony was to ensure employees can manage and grow in their jobs because “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. 

“To serve the community, employees and management must measure all they do. Employees are accountable for carrying out their duties diligently, which prompted the award ceremony to motivate employees,” said Monyamane. 

Dr Keshni Arthur, the Deputy Director of Health Information Systems in the City, presented region F’s performance indicators for 2022-2023 and the first quarter of 2023-2024. The region is doing well except for antenatal care and expanded programme for immunization, which can improve if more effort was put into them.

Speaking on behalf of the Acting Executive Director for the City’s Health Department, Rose Diale expressed gratitude to management for organising the event despite financial restrictions. “Region F has set a high standard. Keep it up, hard work pays.”  Anova Health social worker Molwele Zwane praised everyone for their efforts.

“Let’s look at Africa, the best healthcare in Africa is in South Africa, if we scale it down in terms of provinces, it’s Gauteng, and when we bring it a little closer, it’s in the City of Johannesburg, and the last dot is Region F because it services Africa.” She said Africa was carried by Region F.

Zwane lauded the efforts of healthcare workers, emphasising the importance of every person in healthcare facilities. She also pleaded with management to put employees’ welfare and mental health first. Regional Health Director Paballo Sekokotla thanked everyone who attended and said it was encouraging to see employees give their best and go the extra mile in their jobs.

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