GBV awareness event held at Cry Help Safe home for 16 days of activism against women and children

Temba SAPS together with different stakeholders attended a gender based violence event at Cry Help Safe Home in honour of 16 days of activism against women and children in Temba.

Members of SAPS shared information about different types of abuse and encouraged community members to report all abuses they encounter as no abuse is better than the other. Whilst on that, SAPS members urged community members to never sit with information that concerns crime.

Members of the community were informed that everyone can report abuse or any crime, even if they are not the victim, as long as they saw that crime happening. During a question and answer session, community members raised different concerns which some of them is fear of reporting crime or giving information that could help the police as they end up being threatened by people they report.

SAPS members ensured them that their safety is a priority and gave out numbers of the station commander Brigadier Tau and told community members to share all the information they have with not just anyone but the Station Commander.

Members of SAPS urged deeply with community members to never indulge in vigilantism as it is a crime to take the law into one’s own hands.

The police are determined to work hand in hand with the community to fight crime and community members are willing to work with the police to create a safer environment for all. More than 200 community members attended the event and the event was a success.

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