Search and seizure warrant executed for counterfeit products

Search and seizure warrants were executed at the Oriental City, Old Johannesburg Road in Centurion, and at Queens Corner Shopping Centre in Queenswood on Tuesday, 7 December.

The targeted operation was conducted in terms of the Counterfeit Goods Act following a complaint that was received implicating the well-known business premises apparently contravening the Act in respect of selling or distributing counterfeit Lego products.

It is reported that the identified premises have been on the authorities’ radar for a while, culminating in fact finding, operation which involved members from the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law, Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigation (Head Office), Brand representatives and members of TOMS (Head Office).

Toys and electronic games, equipment, computer games bearing Lego trademarks were found and confiscated from the premises display. On further investigations, multiple boxes of the same products packed on different isles bearing Lego trademark were all seized. 

Approximately 2100 units were seized to an estimated value of R 850 000-00. Criminal and Civil proceedings are to be instituted against the responsible businesses as well as their respective owners.

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