Healthcare on people’s doorsteps as new Naledi clinic takes shape

​As the new state-of-the-art Naledi Clinic takes shape, the community is witnessing the tangible realisation of the City of Johannesburg’s commitment to fostering a healthier tomorrow. 

One key focus area of the City’s health thrust is ensuring that all residents can access efficient primary healthcare services. The construction of the new Naledi Clinic, in Soweto, is an exciting project that will provide much-needed healthcare services to the community.

 The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), on behalf of the City of Johannesburg, has been implementing the construction of the new clinic that will serve as a primary healthcare facility, to meet the City of Johannesburg’s Health Department’s quality standards.

Construction of the much-anticipated Naledi Clinic facility is rapidly advancing, promising a transformative impact on healthcare accessibility and quality.The Naledi Clinic facility consists of four separate wings, namely the chronic wing, the antenatal wing, the acute wing, and the emergency wing.With 18 consultation rooms, including support buildings, the new Naledi Clinic will be close to the existing temporary clinic in Naledi Ext. 2. 

​The facility will be capable of accommodating larger volumes of patients and providing a wider range of services.The consulting rooms, at minimum 15 m² each, will be divided between the main streams, namely chronic, antenatal and acute, as well as an emergency wing with an ambulance pick-up.

The new clinic layout is based on the relationship between the various wards and public spaces. The different sections can be divided into the following spatial components:

· The acute ward consisting of consulting rooms, counselling rooms and a vitals area

· The antenatal ward that consists of counselling rooms, consulting rooms, an exercise room and a vitals room· The chronic ward that consists of counselling rooms, consulting rooms, a vitals room and ablution facilities

· An emergency ward consisting of resuscitation, isolation, dressing and rehydration areas· A central waiting and reception area with space for approximately 180 patients

· An administration wing that houses all staff facilities, which should have easy access to all parts of the clinic.

All wings will function independently and be closed off according to the daily needs of the clinic, while the rest of the clinic should function undisturbed. Some of the spaces that will be located around the public areas such as group counselling rooms, a medical store and dispensary, and urine testing facilities accessible to all patients.

The design of the new clinic will also incorporate environmentally friendly features such as roof/clerestory windows, for maximal use of natural light, and green elements such as water harvesting and photovoltaic panels, as well as feature a vegetable garden.

“The construction process is being closely monitored to ensure that it is completed within budget,” JDA CEO Siyabonga Genu said.

“The single-storey design reflects a dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, making healthcare services easily navigable for all,” he added.

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