Celebrating 67 blankets for Mandela Day: 10 years of heartwarming impact

​A decade of weaving dreams, stitching together hope and wrapping South Africa in a blanket of warmth, 67 Blankets for Mandela Day stands as a beacon of unity and compassion, marking its remarkable 10-year journey with pride and gratitude. 

Under the vast expanse of stretch tents at The Farmhouse in Steyn City, northern Johannesburg, a jubilant gathering of 355 guests convened recently to honour this monumental occasion.​

The air buzzed with excitement as the 67 Blankets family, cherished friends, and esteemed VIP guests were treated to a spectacle of South Africa’s finest performers, school choirs and entertainers. Among the luminaries gracing the stage were keynote speakers Zelda la Grange, General Bantu Holomisa, and the indomitable Brent Lindeque – affectionately known as The Good Things Guy.

Reflecting on this extraordinary journey, founder Carolyn Steyn expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering support of the community, KnitWits, partners, and suppliers, without whom this monumental milestone would not have been possible. She remarked, “Our 10-year milestone birthday is not just a celebration; it’s a testament to the transformative power of collective action and compassion.”

Amidst the festivities, Steyn fondly recalled the unsighted KnitWits from the Johannesburg Society for the Blind, whose steadfast dedication has spanned over seven years, weaving over three hundred blankets and scarves to date. She said their commitment serves as a poignant reminder of the boundless potential within every individual to make a difference, regardless of circumstance.

Inspiring a new generation of changemakers, 67 Blankets has collaborated with schools across the country, instilling values of compassion and service in young hearts.

Steyn enthused: “We continue to empower a new generation of crafters, igniting the flame of altruism and empathy.”

More than just blankets, 67 Blankets represents a movement for change, weaving together broken lives, broken trust, and broken spirits. Behind bars, inmates have found redemption through knitting, symbolising the transformative power of compassion and solidarity.

Looking to the future, Steyn reaffirmed 67 Blankets’ steadfast commitment to excellence, with a resolute focus on accumulating and distributing blankets and scarves ahead of the impending winter chill. 

With a theme centred on “Peace, Love, Tolerance”, the movement aims to spread messages of unity and understanding across the globe, one stitch at a time.For those eager to join this noble cause, the door is always open.

Visit www.67blankets.co.za to learn how you can become part of this extraordinary journey, making a difference stitch-by-stitch, and warming hearts one blanket at a time.

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